Case Studies

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Tiffany and Co. Shine at a Creative Retreat in Bushwick…

World Owned facilitated a creative retreat for Tiffany and Company’s Global Store Development Team on September 9, 2016. This year’s event was hosted at Lightspace Studios, a 5,100 square foot production facility located in Bushwick, a neighborhood whose creativity and arts scene has become known around the world. The Tiffany and Co. team received an informative street art tour along with hands on instruction from Rah on the technical and creative uses of spraypaint. The team quickly went into action painting canvassed surfaces and collaborated on large 10ft wide works of art which used iconic Tiffany and Co. imagery.


A Magical 3-Day Immersive Art Exhibition…

ABRACADABRA, an art experience featuring Rah Crawford, was hosted at Lightspace Studios an expansive 5,100 sq ft. production studio—the massive space is an escape from the typical art gallery box. The paintings will be projected for public viewing while access to the physical paintings will be limited to select guests who obtain a curated experience. Aerialists, performance artists and sound art will be used to transform the idea of an art exhibition into much more.

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World owned produces its first film with neo now: a new art period…

World Owned teamed up with award-winning videographer’s Jordan Hollender (from HollenderX2) and Jason Tanaka Blaney to capture the conceptual essence of Rah Crawford’s new creative period NEO NOW as a short documentary.

The short film includes interviews with John Crain (Co-Founder and CEO of SuperRare) and Christian Bailey (Founding Principal of ODA Architecture), who weigh in on how blockchain and technology affect their industry and the future. The film premiered at the 11th Annual Bushwick Film Festival on October 13, 2018.